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 Dalio's character sheet

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PostSubject: Dalio's character sheet   Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:55 am

Basic Info
Name:Dalio Chong
Age:320(Looks barely 30)
Nationality:Born in konoha but now in Kurisutakage
Personality:Usually calm and kind,but if nessecary will fight with great ferocity.He doesn't like to fight at his full strength

Physical Stature:Still quite muscular despite his age

Eye Color:blood red
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Style:Long(Like Kira from Bleach)
Skin Colour:Yellow(Chinese)
Accessories:A golden katana that is usually slung at the back
Clothing:An old brown cloak(makes me look like a priest)along with rather damaged clothes under it(from 300 yrs ago) and on the cloak there is the faint imprint(Higure)
Appearance:He has a cut across his right eye(like kakashi)and a metal right arm

Ninja Skills

Weapons:A long unbreakable golden katana and his metal right arm
Skills:unknown as no1 has seen him fight for a very long time and has recently taken control of the 4th jinchuriki
Small weaknesses:Keeps on using weak-low damage attacks instead of powerful damaging ones

Background story:
Don't tell u


Name:Higure rasengan
Description:It is formed by having a normal rasengan then creating a hole then putting a bit of any element then exposing it to light.When it hits a target,the user will have intense pain and the area around the target becomes without change and friction meaning he can keep going till and feeling pain until the jutsu's effects ware off

Name:Flood rasengan
Description:It is 1 of many possible forms when rasengan is mixed with water chakra.It is able to blast an intense flood at the target once the rasengan hits the target

Name:Hidden movement jutsu
Description:This Genjutsu hides the effects of the person's own jutsus but they still drain their chakra

Name:Blood manipulation jutsu
Description:This ninjutsu uses the blood plasma in the body to control the person's movements

Name:Focal Disruption
Description:This ninjutsu affects the blood causing the body's senses to be severely dimmed and the body itself seemingly weaker

not complete
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Dalio's character sheet
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