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 Kuro's Character Sheet

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Kurotsuki Senju

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PostSubject: Kuro's Character Sheet   Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:42 am

Basic Info
Name: Kurotsuki Rilenyth aka Kurotsuki Senju (currently using Kurotsuki Senju)
Age: 353,appearance 18
Gender: male
Nationality: Hikarigakure
Personality: moronic, fun loving, loves good food especially candies, works well in groups but is usually left behind due to being sort of a cry baby and whiner

Physical Stature:

Height: 5'8
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black
Hair Style: short and messy
Skin Colour: tanned
Accessories: a white ring on middle finger
Clothing: black cloak and black mask with the hikarigakure symbol on the forehead
Appearance: looks like my display picture

Ninja Skills

Class: Kage
Weapons: a silver shiny straight edge katana with dragon engravings on the blade and the shadow blade which is two black crystal like blades with a dragon head engraved on each sides of the blades
Skills: master at taijutsu, ninjutsu and genjutsu dojutsu: Reordenado
Small weaknesses: trusts people too much
Big weakness: clumsy at times even when in a dangerous situation which often leads to foiled sneak up

Background story: Born in the extinct Relenyth Clan, Kurotsuki was foreseen as a child with a future that will destroy the clan itself. Right after birth, Kuro's birth was heard of the first Hokage and was adopted into the Senju clan. In there, Kuro refines his skills in ninjutsu,taijutsu and genjutsu. But it was in genjutsu that he excells at. Kuro's skills in genjutsu came to be feared as his skill in genjutsu is refined to the point that the genjutsu itself is potent enough to kill an enemy. However it was at the age of eighteen that the true nature of Kuro starts to surface. One day during a mission he was assigned to with the Uchiha cops, he was almost killed due to a coupe de tat by six members of the Uchiha clan on the mission with fully developed mangekyou sharingans that had already killed the other members on the mission. Even with Kuro's excellent skill in ninjutsu,taijutsu and genjutsu, Kuro is almost defeated by the last remaining three after managing to dispose of the other three. However at the last moment, Kuro's eye starts to change, his pupil starts to turn into a slit and his entire eye burns such that it seems as if the flames are dancing in his eyes. And with this, Kuro successfully defeats the remaining three Uchihas and the enemies he was supposed to get rid of in the first place. However, already suffering major injuries from the previous fights with the Uchihas, Kuro collapsed and was found by Orochimaru.

By founding Kuro, Orochimaru felt like he have found the fountain of power aside from the sharingan and its branches. Orochimaru experiments on Kuro's body in hoping to make him the perfect immortal body for himself if his plans for Uchiha Sasuke were to fail. However, one day, Kuro wakes up with his bloodline ability activated and escapes from Orochimaru's base. Angered, Orochimaru went up to face against Kuro but failed in killing Kuro due to Kuro's near perfect immortality like Orochimaru himself. In the end Orochimaru is only able to erase a part of Kuro's memories and Kuro sealing Orochimaru's abilities to use nature based ninjutsu.

Three hundred long years has passed and there's a rumour going around that the Hikarigakure's kage possesses the extinct and legendary Reordenado.

Shadow blades Abilites:

Tsuinburiza-Do, a pair of unbreakable black sword with the abilities to freeze anything it cuts even any kind of chakra to the point where the slightest cut will freeze the part that was hit and slowly it will freeze the entire body of the opponent and their chakra to the core.It is unknown where Kuro keep his shadow blades as he is seen to not be carrying them around with him.

First strike: 20 of my posts
Second strike: 18 of my posts
Third strike: 16 of my posts
Fourth strike: 14 of my posts
Fifth strike: 12 of my posts
Sixth strike: 10 of my posts

and so on and so forth


name: Spatial Manipulation
Kuro is able to walk through space and move his body in and out of space allowing him to make different parts of his body appearing at different places at a time and allows him to teleport to places located far away from his current location.Also by focusing on an object Kuro is able to send the object to another dimension. What makes this technique feared by shinobis across the land is that it only affects the object of target and nothing else. Doesnt requires the use of chakra (if the oppponent is still within sight by the fifth post the part of the body that is being focused on will disappears)
Type: kekkei genkai,S-rank, supplementery, All ranges

name: Time Command
Aside from being able to manipulate space, Kuro is able to manipulate time.After over 300 years of training his mind, Kuro is able to use the full potential of time manipulation without harming the existence of those outside of it This technique allows Kuro to slow down or speed up the time around an object or an area.
Type: kekkei genkai,SS-rank, supplementery, All ranges

name: Genesis
The highest form of Kuro's kekkei genkai ability which makes Kuro feared throughout the land as the Soul Banisher. By not moving for a short period of time, Kuro is able to remove his own soul from his body and survive thus making a body to soul link.With his soul free to move, Kuro is able to enters another shinobi's body and forcefully removes the shinobi's soul while his body still maintaining the hold on the opponent or while being elsewhere.(if the oppponent doesnt break free of the hold for five posts the opponent's soul will be removed and the oppponent will not be able to continue the match) Another secret to this technique is that it allows Kuro to survive an explosion that causes his body to disintegrates. With his soul still available, Kuro is able to reform his body back with 3/4 of his original chakra.
Type: kekkei genkai,SS+ rank, supplementery, All ranges

name: Summoning, Primeval
Kuro summons a dinosaur sized crocodile. The primeval, is not a summoning animal, it is a powerful and feared animal by even the most summons as it is untamed and dangerous. Kuro however managed to tame it and now the Primeval bears the same eyes as Kuro in proof that it is tamed by him. The Primeval possess the toughest hide amongst all the summons capable of withstanding Orochimaru's legendary kusanagi,a sword that is able to cut anything. The Primeval is capable of speech through telepathy and often seen interacting with Kuro during fights. The Primeval's nature chakra is earth and water.
Type: ninjutsu, B-rank, supplementery

Special Abilities

Bones: during his time with orochimaru, thousands of experiments was done on Kuro and one of them is the durability of a human's body and by implanting Kuro's body with adamantine like substance that can withstand almost any kind of assault elementally and physically fused with chakra metal. Coupled with Kuro's kekkei genkai ability, Kuro takes half of the damage he will usually takes from attacks.

Regeneration: during his time with orochimaru, thousands of experiments was done on Kuro and one of them is high speed regeneration that makes Kuro almost an immortal due to orochimaru's aim for an immortal body.

Chakra Absorption Seal: an advanced sealing technique that enables Kuro to seal or absorb any chakra regardless of spacial or nature transformation and dispersing it into the air by running the chakra through his body and out. However if Kuro were to seal the chakra absorbed within himself, he is able to use that chakra's affinity without the need of Kuro being able to use that affinity in the first place. If Kuro were to choose to seal the chakra, Kuro is only able to seal one chakra type at a time.

cuts and burns etc. takes up to 2 posts to heal (1 of opponents and 1 of mine)
limbs and bones takes up to 4 posts in order to heal (2 of opponents and 2 of mine)
partially dmged inner organs parts takes up to 6 posts to heal (3 of opponents and 3 of mine)
total regeneration takes up to 8 posts to heal (4 of opponents and 4 of mine)
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Kuro's Character Sheet
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