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 Josipa Chracter Sheet

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Josipa From The Desert

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PostSubject: Josipa Chracter Sheet   Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:52 am

Basic Info:
Nationality: /
Personality: Very nice, shows her best in groups.

Physical Stature:
Height: 1,75 m
Weight: 47 kg
Eye Color: sky-blue
Hair Color: bright blond/ dark brown
Hair Style: tied up with an forehead protector, very long
Skin Colour: white
Accessories: a golden bracelet, two dragons bitting each others tails
Clothing: black short pants, black shirt with-long sleves and black boots
Appearance: ...

Ninja Skills:
Class: Jonin, ANBU
Weapons: An very sharp Katana
Skills: Is a ninjutsu and genjutsu master, taijutsu is something she doesn`t use.
Small weaknesses: Taijutsu is one of the smallest weaknesses, and the big one, can`t tell.

Background story:

Her mother was killed by the Hokage, because of her special powers. Her father killed himself, cuz he couldn`t take care of her. Josipa was alone since her 7th. She went to a ninja academy in Suna, there she graduated, after that she became an chunin on the chunin exams......she became junin after she killed three Akatsuki members, after that, she joined ANBU. After one month in ANBU, she became an captain, but was kiddnapped by Akatsuki. They wanted her cooperation cuz of her special power and high level chakra. She is now an Akatsuki member, still learning about her past........a year passed..... Josipa quited Akatsuki......and joined some Shadow Army......


Name: Lightning Strike
Type: Lightning
Description: Throws Katana at her opponent and misses on purpose. Than lightnings start to surround the enemy/enemys. Everything exploades. This deals 50% damage to all opponents.
Rank: B

Name: Clon Anbush
Type: Water
Description: Makes 100 water clones, they melt with the surroundings and wait for the enemy.
Rank: C

Name: Thounder God
Type: Summoning Lightning
Description: Gives Half of Chakra to Summon The Great Thounder God. He takes 10% of enemys Chakra and 65% of energy. If it`s rainy, if it`s an storm thanit takes 35% Chakra and 75% energy.
Rank: A
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Josipa Chracter Sheet
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