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 Nishi Kozen

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Rosutorikujou Sennin

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PostSubject: Nishi Kozen   Nishi Kozen I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 6:15 pm

Basic Info

Name: Nishi Kozen
Visual Age: 19
Actual Age: 323
Gender: Male
Nationality: He doesn't remember
Personality: Nishi is very mischieveous, and very sarcastic. Most of the time he carrys a sarcastic smile on his face. This smile ades in his mischieveous nature. Anytime he says something with the smile he most certainly means something else.

Physical Stature:

Height: 6'
Weight: 190
Skin Complextion: Nishi is african american.
Eye Color: Nishi eyes are black with silver iris.
Hair color: black with silver tips or the avi.
Hair style: The avi
Accessories: None
Clothing: The avi
Appearance: The avi, but african american

Ninja Skills

Class: Rosutorikujou Sennin

Weapons: Nishi carries a renbato(double bladed kantana) on his lupper back. And his shadow blades Gyakujoukusariken on his lower back and right hip.

Nishi's skills are unknow at the moment as nobody has seen him in battle and lived to tell about it. There is a legend going around that he weilds the ;egendary dojustus...the ..Kagegan...

Spirit beast: Nishi now holds the spirit beast inside himself. Using it's power he will try and become the ultimate being.

Small weaknesses: Overconfidence

Background story:

Will make one later?




Spiit Beast:

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Rosutorikujou Sennin

Posts : 258
Charka : 60907
Join date : 2009-07-11

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PostSubject: Jutus   Nishi Kozen I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 6:16 pm

Name: Gyakujoukusariken
Rank: SS/S/A(depeding on the form it takes)
Description: Gyakujoukusariken is Nisi's twin shadow blade. He is able to use Gyakujoukusariken with his Ameterasu variations. The swords also have the ability to split up to 12 blades to attack multiple foes. They are unbreakable, but the blades can disappear for a period of time, if they has sustained massive damage

(A)In first stage they look like this Gyakujoukusariken.
They are at about 25% of their potential, they have incredible power and durability.

(S)In second stage they change and look like this Gyakujoukusariken Darkness and Gyakujoukusariken Light. They are at about 50% of their power at this point.

(SS)In third stage they look like this True Gyakujoukusariken they are at 100% f their power and Nishi may lose control.

Name: Shadow Release: Shadow control
Rank: S/A(depending on how much charka he uses)
Description: Nishi has developed his shadow manulipulation to the point that he can hide in shadows. Make weapong out of shadows and fire shadow balls.

Name: Shadow Style: Speeding Bullet Punch/Speeding Bullet Kick
Rank: A
Description: A punch made with shadow jutsu that is used on oneself to improve his or her speed. Or a Taijutsu kick made with a Shadow possision that the user use on im self too up great is speed.

Name: Shadow Chidori
Rank: S
Description: A chidori that is 10 times the power of a full powered chidori. Nishi makes the normal chidori then combines it with his shadow style.

Name: Chidori of Darkness
Rank: S
Description: A Pure black Chidori of astounding power. It as all the effect of the Chidori but gives of the screeches of 1,000 dying birds. It has also been decreed Kinjutsu beacuse after it's use the user's arm is injured an unuseable for several days. Meaning with this Jutsu it is importan NOT to miss the target, as the user will then be without an arm for a few days.

Name: Shadow Release: Demonic Rasengan
Rank: S
Description: A technique that is basically a Rasengan that has been imbued with the chakra of an extremely talented shadow jutsu user. To use this you must be able to summon Ryuuk the death dragon be warned that if the user isn't strong willed it is possible he could fall victim to the power of this dragon. This jutsu is twice as strong as the Rasengan due to the skill it requires to use it.

Name: Secret Jutsu:Kyuubi Shadow Jutsu
Rank: S
Description: The user emits a stream of the opponent's shadows from his mouth. The shadows then attack the opponent.

Name: White Amaterasu
Rank: S
Description: This jutsu is a varitation of Amaterasu. It has much more heat than the original and can only be put out by the weilder. It has white flames instead of black.

Name: Rokudou Kage Bunshin (Six Paths Shadow Clone)
Rank: S
Description: Nishi uses this jutsu to split himself into six shadow clones each with their own elemental affinity. It is very useful because each clone posses a seperate elemental effinity which allows them to use that elemen't power to its full potential. However because you are creating six shadow clones and the fact that the original ninja is dividing the elements from his original body it leaves them very vulnerable. While it is speculated that other ninja could use this jutsu its full capabilities can only be used by Nishi since he posses all six chakra types and has an abundant ammount of chakra.

Name: Forbidden Jutsu: 9 Shadow Paths of God
Rank: SS
Description: A very forbidden Mangekyo Kagegan technique that Nishi uses to summon what is known as the Nine Shadowy Paths of Namikaze. Eac is made up of eight non-illusion living clones similar to Rokudou Pain along with the original. Each is able to summon one of the nine tailed beats to attack while, Nishi is able to summon the most powerful, the Nine Tailed Fox. This is Harerukagegakure's most powerful technique only used by Nishi 's Mangekyo Kagegan. Combined, they are strong enough to destroy a nation as big as the Sun Country. One technque that Kakashi Namikaze V is able to use is Shadow Release: Triclosed Poison Prison which traps an enemy in a poisonous dungeon for three days and eventually kills him.

First Path - Seireitou Hyuga - Kyuubi no Yoko
Second Path - Arranhaku Hihomaru - Hachibi
Third Path - Madara Uchiha - Shichibi
Fourth Path - Minkai Zokatakei - Rokubi
Fifth Path - Pein - Gobi
Sixth Path - Minato Namikaze - Yonbi
Seventh Path - Haizo Hyuga - Sanbi
Eighth Path - Itachi Uchiha - Nibi
Ninth Path - Tsunade Hyuga - Ichibi

Name: Forbidden Jutsu: Infinite Shadow Paths of God
Rank: SS+
Description: This technique is one of the two new techniques that came with Nishi's E.M.K. This is very similar to Forbidden Jutsu: 9 Shadow Paths of God except this time, Nishi can summon up to as many bodies as many people he knows. Each body, like before, has the same powers as their original counterpart, Nishi has also said that with this jutsu, his own army made of only himself, could takeover the 5 Great Nations. It was because Nishi gained this power that he was awarded the title of Rosutorikujou Sennin.

Name: Forbidden Jutsu: Heaven's Roar
Rank: SS+
Description: This was one of the 2 techniques that awoke with Nishi's Eternal Mangekyou Kagegan. This allows Nishi's to disable the power of a Bijuu or demonic influence, no matter how strong the beast is. This technique is not a seal, but a condition that literally cannot be removed unless the user disables it. This jutsu is perfect for fighting a Jinchuureki.

Name: Divine Intervention: Judgement of the Pantheon
Rank: SS+
Description: Divine Intervention: Judgement of the Pantheon is the invincible ability of Nishi's External Mangekyo Kagegan. It surrounds the target with living statues of the Gods, and chains the target to two giant guardian angels, the same that Zukia Tojiro can summon. These chains cannot be broken by any ninjutsu so far discovered, and neither may the Gods be killed. The user may then attack with either the angels, or the Gods themselves. Each of the Gods can attack either with the jutsu named for them, or with the power of what they represent. Following is a list of the Gods, and what they represent:

Izanagi Father of the gods, strikes with all the powers of the male gods.

Izanami Mother of the gods, strikes with all the powers of the female gods.

Amaterasu Sun Goddess

Tsukuyomi Moon Goddess

Ame-no-Uzume Dawn Goddess

Susano'o Storm God

Kamui Spirits of everything in nature. They surround the Gods' thrones in a circle.

Sabazios Death God, Thracian. Does not sit with the gods in the Pantheon jutsu, is instead called out of the throne of Izanagi when his powers are used.
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Nishi Kozen
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