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 After quiting Akatsuki

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Josipa From The Desert
Josipa From The Desert

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After quiting Akatsuki Empty
PostSubject: After quiting Akatsuki   After quiting Akatsuki I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 11, 2009 4:04 pm

After quiting Akatsuki, Josipa fought her way back to the place she could call home; Sunagakure... After walking a long way, she fainted cuz of losing blood... She woke up in the hospital....she saw her wounds healed..... She stoped an nurse and asked her:"Who brought me here?", the nurse said she didn`t know. Another nurse brought some clothes and said: "Someone came and left this for ya girl, that same person brought you here..." Josipa took the clothes, thanked them and changed.....Josipa left the hospital..... She went to her old apartment.....she went inside, everything looked like before she left.....The walls were still dark-blue colored, there was her TV and an blue cauch, in front of it an little table, a lot of magazines..and other stuff.... On the wals hung pictures and posters..... but something wasn`t right........she felt an strange chakra.......
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After quiting Akatsuki
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