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Ayame Uchiha
Ayame Uchiha

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PostSubject: Ayame Uchiha   Ayame Uchiha I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2009 8:40 pm

Name: Fire Release: Inferno Tornado
Type: B-rank, Offensive

This technique allows the user to create gusts of fire chakra and concentrate them into a cyclone that the user can control, moving it around and setting everything in its path ablaze. This requires an adept amount of chakra, and causes a significant chakra drain depending on the size of the cyclone.

Name: Chidori
Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

Chidori is Kakashi Hatake's only original technique, though he now uses an S-ranked version known as the Lightning Blade. He created it around the time he was promoted to Jonin, and later taught it to Sasuke. This jutsu channels a large amount of chakra into the user's arm. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes visible to the naked eye. The technique actually alters the nature of the user's chakra, effectively converting it into electricity. As a side effect of the conversion process, the large amount of chakra, and the speed at which the user moves, this technique makes a loud noise similar to many birds chirping, hence the name (if the user is not in motion, it merely makes an electric crackling sound). Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and stabs their enemy with it. The amount of thrust combined with the large concentration of chakra allows the user to stab through almost anything; as such it is usually fatal to the enemy. This technique is classified as an assassination technique because of the speed at which it is performed, despite the loud noise it produces.

Name: Fire Release: Raikiri
Type: S-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5)
A modified, and stronger version of Kakashi Hatake's Lightning Blade, this technique, instead of lightning-based, is fire-based. When making in contact with the opponent, the jutsu can sear off the blood vessels due to the heat. Ryuka used this technique to its full strength when he fought against Otonami Sokudo,and Aosh hatchi has used this in the chunin exams and on missions,its one of his favorite moves,but he is only to use it so often. Aosh hatchi accomplished this in 6 months and he had to be able perform Fire Release: Rasengan .

Name: Chidori Nagashi:
Type: Supplementary, Offense, Defense
Rank: S-rank
Range: Close (0m ~ 10m), Mid (10m ~ 15m), Far (20m+)

A variation on a regular Chidori Current, this jutsu was developed by Houji during his two-and-a-half year training with Sasuke. This jutsu allows Houji to produce a Chidori effect around his entire body then teleport, instead of just staying in one spot. The energy can be channeled anywhere, allowing Houji to enhance his attacks with Chidori energy. While this is not a problem in one-on-one battles, but when Houji is out number this jutsu can easily take out the enemies is seconds. Houji can also channel the energy through his Chokuto sword, increasing its overall strength and cutting power. It seems that Houji can use this technique once a day but can pull one more off with his Raiton Kagan. Used in conjunction with his Chokuto sword, the blade becomes almost unstoppable. It takes on Chidori's natural ability to cut through anything which stands in its path, allowing the sword to strike its target with ease. Should the sword strike a human, the charge will cause the target to go numb and with more focus can kill or, complete paralyze a ninja for live, lessening their ability to further counter his attacks. The attack hits the opponent in such a way that it is even beyond the abilities of the Sharingan to copy. This is one of the few known non-Kekkei-Genkai techniques created that the Sharingan/Byakugan cannot follow.

Name: Chisengan
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Kinjutsu , Ninjutsu
Element: Lightning

Description: The Chisengan is a technique with the apperance of a rasengan with chidori as a skin around it. This technique is rarly used by Seireitou in only dangerous situations. Its only recorded use is when Naruto and Sasuke used this technique to destroy Madara Uchiha. This technique has the power to crush a village at full power. It also is an inavoidable attack. The weakness of the technique is, that you must know Ransengan and chidori on a mastered level, must have mastered both shape and nature manipulation, and have near perfect control over chakra. This technique is dependent on chakra control because at its worst, its cant even bruise skin, but at full power, it can destroy an entire village, so chakra control is really important to learn, master, produce and maintain this technique. This technique is similar to Lightning Release: Rasen-Chidori.

Name: Chidorigatana (One Thousand Birds Katana)
Type: A-rank, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

This technique is a variation of the Chidori. The user can run down Chidori on their blade to make its cutting ability its absolute best. The person hit by this will be numb in the area it hit.

Name: Lightning Release: Rasengan
Type: S-Rank, Offensive, Short Range (0-5m)

It's an original jutsu by Ryun, expanding on the original concept for the Rasengan by the Fourth Hokage's and Naruto's ideals: mixing ones chakra element with the Rasengan. However, this was proven to be the most difficult thing to do. Luke even explained to him that, adding someones chakra element with the Rasengan, takes an incredible amount of skill or rather natural talent or sense. Ryun mixed his lightning element, maintaining its original stability and increasing its power, far beyond that of his Water Release: Rasengan. Another example of the power of the jutsu is shown when it was tested against Luke's Fire Release: Rasengan. Ryun needs only his own two hands. Hayai Sarutobi later learned this technique by himself, using one shadow clone to add Lighting element to his Rasengan.

Name: Forbidden Art: Sharingan Realm
Rank: S
Range: Anything within range of the Sharingan
Type: Kekkai Genkai, Kinjutsu
Ninjutsu Form In its Ninjutsu form, it is more or less the true "ultimate defense". Absolutely nothing can pass through it. It can bend to fit the shape of the user so that the user can move around freely and attack freely. It can only be used once a day by Ryun and twice a day by Itachi.

Genjutsu Form In it's Genjutsu form, it is the Ultimate Sharingan Illusion. It traps the victim in a place similar to the Tsukuyomi Realm. The only difference is it is an illusion that cannot be broken. Also if it is cast on a clone of the victim, the real one is also engulfed in the Genjutsu. The user saps all remaining chakra from the victim and any jutsu the victim was using on him/herself is broken immediately. This genjutsu ultimately kills or leaves the victim mentally scared for life. It can be used three times a day by Ryun and six times by Itachi. The funny thing about this jutsu is it can trap any victim in it as long even if the victim is protecting itself from jutsu or attacks.

Name: Shunshin no Jutsu
Type: D-rank, Supplementary
high-speed movement technique. It is described as 'appearing with the wind and disappearing like the wind.' A very basic jutsu, it appears that most shinobi above Genin-rank know it.

Using chakra to activate the body, the user is able to move from one point to another with extreme speeds. This super-fast movement is almost impossible to see with the naked eye. To a normal person, it would seem as if the user has teleported. The amount of Chakra used depends on the distance and elevation between the user and the destination
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PostSubject: Re: Ayame Uchiha   Ayame Uchiha I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 11:14 am

approved but ur sharingan realm will only lasts for 3 of ur posts and 3 of ur opponents

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