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 Kurai Itadaki Heavenly Gokage Senin of Purity

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PostSubject: Kurai Itadaki Heavenly Gokage Senin of Purity   Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:43 am

Basic Info
Name: Kurai Itadaki
Age: 317 (looks 25)
Gender: male
Nationality: born in kumogakure now currently in Harerukagegakure
Personality: kurai is a generally calm nice guy. he used to be stern and angry but after curatin "happenings" he learned to become calm and happy.*hes alot like goku but not stupid, and slightly more serious* he works well in groups. and loves his fellow man. even those who are against him.

Physical Stature:

Height: 5'11 1/2
Weight: 170lbs
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color : Black
Hair Style: short and even all around *looks like chris browns*
Skin Colour: brown (african american)
Accessories: has long golden prayer beads around his neck. a diamond stud earing in his left ear.
Appearance: has three slashes in his left eyebrow and one in his right. ( ill make a pic and post it later)

Ninja Skills

Class: Gokage Senin
Weapons: carries the blade of heaven at his side
Skills: much of kurai's skills are unknown besides the ones he used 300 years ago. however over the years he has gained a vast number of abilities and skills. some known skills are mastery over tenjutsu, and the zennoukugan.
Small weaknesses: has a tendency to give too many chances for reconciliation to those who do not deserve it
Background story: TBA

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PostSubject: Re: Kurai Itadaki Heavenly Gokage Senin of Purity   Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:55 am

Name: Soul Sphere jutsu
Rank: S
Type: Kinjutsu
Element: None

Description: The Soul Sphere Technique is an ancient jutsu that was thought only able to be used by the "Sage of the Six Paths". Kurai Itadaki discovered this jutsu when he unlocked the second stage of zennoukugan. it is said that naruto uzumaki used this technique to finish off pein The Soul Sphere Technique requires the utmost chakra control due to the user having to draw fragments of his chakra and soul out of their body. Once extracted the user condenses the chakra and soul fragments into a sphere. Depending on how much chakra and soul fragments are concentrated will determine the destructive power of the jutsu. The jutsu rests on the closed fist of the user so that it may be used in a more accurate hit. This jutsu qualifies as Kinjutsu due to how the sphere is formed and should only be used as a last resort, however due to kurai's extensive knowledge in jutsu involbing the soul, and his zannoukugan.

Name: Tengokuyaima
Rank: A/S/SS (depending on which stage its in)
Description: tengokuyaima (heavens blade) is the ancient sword which was used by the first tengu to create all other tengu and as well as all spirit beings (excluding Gods and Biju). it is only given to other powerful tengu, or a shinobi that is pure of heart and has gone through tenjutsu training, and even then he must be deemed worthy and judged to be strong enough for it. It has three stages of power. its general abilities deal with creation and manipulation of heavenly chakra and tenjutsu. its main attribute is light and the soul (lifeforce). it is one of the three blades of life and is considered to be the most powerful.

(A) tengokuyaima stage 1In its first stage, tengokuyaima is a single blade with a split going down the middle. in stage one, it uses 15% of its full power. it is very powerful and durable. because this blade is made of heavenly energy, it does extra damage to bijuu and demons.

(S) tengokuyaima stage 2In stage 2, tengokuyaima takes the form of two identical glowing blue swords that give off a mystic blueish-white, aura-like fog. in stage two, the blades use 60% of its full power. in this stage however, the blades cannot physically cut a person (can still stab though). instead, it cuts away at the enemy's chakra. the blades must actually touch the opponent to cut his chakra though. in this stage , each slash that is made against a bijuu or demon dispells a portion of evil chakra from it. after 25 slahes the bijuu will be completely purified, and the bijuu will turn human. (this does not apply to jinchuriki).

(SS)This is tengokuyaima's true form. in this state it is at 100% full power. it is one single blade that is glowing blue and has sharp points all over the handle and guard. although it is a sword of purity, it can cause the user to loose control of it simply because it is made completely from the energies of heaven, and its power is inconcievable in this mode. in this mode, it not only cuts chakra, but the very soul. it can also physically cut the opponent again. in this stage, if its is stabbed through the heart of a jinchuriki(this will not kill the jinchurikki, only knock him out) it will absorb the bijuu into its blade where it will be purified. it then releases the bijuu 60 min later where it will come out as a human with no memories of its past as a bijuu but only happy memories instead allowing the bijuu to live a happy human life. it does the same for demons. it can also purify curse mark users by stabbing them in the area the curse mark originates(this doesnt kill them) ridding them of the evil seal.
Link to the sword pics:

Summoning Technique: Five Elemental Giants
rank: SS
type: summoning
element: numorous

Description: kurai summons 5 Giants with different elements, either representing the 5 great shinobi nations.The Giants were originally angels in heaven, sent to earth to be guardian angels for each nation.Each of the Giants specialize in there element by knowing all ninjutsu of their specified element. heres a list of them and thier element:

Kasaikyojin- giant master of fire

Raikyojin -giant master of lightning

Mizukyojin- giant mastress of water

Kazekyojin- giant master of wind

Tsuchikyojin -giant master of earth

Name: Rasendori (Nicknamed "God's Wrath" and "Radori")
Type: Kinjutsu, Ninjutsu, Offensive
Rank: S
element: wind/lightning

Description: An extremely powerful jutsu that is very simular to Chisengan, but is formed in the opposite way and is not classified as a Lightning Element Ninjutsu. The user first forms the Chidori in their left hand then coats the Chidori with the Rasengan using their right hand, locking in all of the energy given off by Chidori and amplifying and coating it with the Ransengan. It's appearance is that of a blindingly bright Rasengan, a light that can fully illuminate a pitch-black room, so it's very easy to spot. It's rumored to be even more powerful then Chisengan. it is 3x stronger than a normal chidordi and rasengan put together.

Name: Heavenly Rasengan
Rank: S
Type: ninjutsu
element: light/wind/soul

Description: A ransengan that is imbued with the power of the light of heaven and the light from a pure persons soul. To use this jutsu, one must be pure of haert and able to use heavenly or tengu chakra. it is said to be twice as strong as a normal rasengan

Name: Light Clone Technqiue (English TV "Light Clone Jutsu")
Type: B/A-Rank, Supplementery(depends on how many are made)
Description: The Light Clone Technique is a technique that clones the user into extremely bright versions of himself. because of the end results of it being angel-like, it is only known to gods and those who can perform tenjutsu. The number of clones can vary, usually from 2 to 2, 000. It may seem like a normal Shadow Clone Technique but is not. These clones are bright enough to surpass the effects of Shadow Release: Shadow Darkness Technique's blindening abilities. They are not invincible or definate accuracy techniques but are very reliable and can have a Usefulness Rating of 9.5 out of 10. Also these clones can be forced to explode like a much bigger version of a light bomb by using Light Clone Explosion.

Name: Monkey Sage Mode

Type: Supplementary
Rank: SS
Though Sage Mode was a technique developed by toads, the monkey summon Enma and his primate followers have developed a technique and fighting style similar to Senjutsu. Like Senjutsu, it uses natural energy-augemented energy in place of normal chakra. The only difference is that this jutsu adds beast energy in addition to natural, physical and spiritual energy. The result is Monkey Sage mode. This form of jutsu is known as SaruSenjutsu. It is essentially more effective and powerful than Senjutsu.

In this form, the user will gain immesureable strength and speed with near limitless supply of chakra. The user will also gain heightened senses and the ability to withstand large amounts of physical pain.For example, if a person in Monkey Sage Mode were to have sword to run through his/her heart, the user will most likely be able to survive, and may even be able to continue fighting. If a person takes too much damage in this form, though, the user will revert back to normal form. Because it adds beast energy to natural enery, a person may stay in this form for an extended amount of time, while a person in Sage Mode may only stay in that form for 5 minutes.

Entering Monkey Sage ModeUsing oil form Myobokuzan mountain is the fastest way to enter Monkey Sage Mode. A person must receive Senjutsu training before he/she can master Monkey Sage Mode. There is a danger in entering Monkey Sage Mode, similar to Sage Mode. If a person adds too much beast energy to this form, he/she turns completely into a monkey. Because it takes incredibly precise chakra control to use Monkey Sage Mode effectively, not many people can master it. Those who do take on a certain form. They gain trident-like shading under there eyes, with red lines stemming from their eye shading to their chins. They receive monkey fangs, and their nails become sharper.

Full Monkey Sage ModeThis jutsu is simply a more powerful form of Monkey Sage Mode that Hayai invented during his sage arts training. By gathering more natural energy and releasing more beast energy, Hayai ascends into this form. While in Full Monkey Sage Mode, Hayai trident-like eye shadings become thicker, fang-like eye shadings. He also receives a tail that he can guide and extend through the manipulation of Sarusenjutsu chakra. He also gains strength and speed far beyond that of his previous transformation. Lasts for 12 posts

Name: Tenjutsu: Tengu Portal
Rank: No Rank/ SS+(only if used in battle)
Range: Anywhere
Type: Supplementary
Classification: Ninjutsu, Tenjutsu
Hand Seals: Boar
Users: All Practitioners of Tenjutsu
First, the user makes the hand seal and a portal to the Tengu Realm opens up. To return from the Tengu Realm the user can make a portal bake to the human realm. Based on the chakra that the user puts into it, the portal can be small or large. Becuase you must have heavenly chakra to enter the tengu realm, any being with evil or impure chakra sent there will be "purified" meaning their chakra will be drained from them and their bodies will be trapped or frozen still in the tengu realm. in the case of jinchuriki's, the biju will be forcefully removed from their bodies and sealed, while their bodies are "purified". Because of this the opening of a tengu portal is considered not only a transportation mechanism but an extremely powerful seal
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Kurai Itadaki Heavenly Gokage Senin of Purity
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