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 Hanzo Hattori

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PostSubject: Hanzo Hattori   Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:12 am

Name:Hanzo Hattori
Nationality: Iwagakure
Personality: serious if threaten don't take anything lightly. Hanzo works well in groups if he wants to.

Physical Stature:

Eye Color:light brown
Hair Color jet black
Hair Style:let down freely
Skin Colour: light brown
Accessories: Wears an necklace around the neck
Clothing: casual iwagakure ninja clothes with red scarf, black vest, and black pants

Appearance: looks like my avatar

Ninja Skills

Class: Kage
Weapons: Twin blades and oridanary ninja tools

Skills:very strong at ninjutsu, medium at taijutsu not really great at genjustu
10 tailed jinhuirki the link
Small weaknesses: Become to attached

Background story:
A few years back hanzo was an micheiouvios ninja always doing pranks and getting in trouble until one day he went to an unknown lake where there his life changed for ever he somehow encountered the ten tails wolf which looked upon him so that he can live again by letting hanzo obtain the rin'egan eye. After that his life changed for ever he learned how to master his new founded abilites but hanzo never uses his tail beast because he fears that he'll never control him.Later in his life he was nomited and elected to become the Tsuchikage.Fullfilling his ansectors hunter shinigami dream he is now the leader of Iwagakure.

Name: Earth Style: Rock Army Technique
Rank: A/S
Element: Earth
Description: Being an A/S-ranked jutsu, means that only the Kages, which in this case is the Houkage, except for that only the second is using it. It makes all rocks in the area of 200 miles, get two arms, two legs, and a lot of weapons each, making a complete invinsible army. It has only been used once, when the Second had to fight a war against the great power of Iwagakure, who tried to conquer the village, but got defeated. The enemi shinobis destroyed over half part of the rock army, which proved their great power

Name: king of hell
Type: Unknown rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
King of Hell is a technique that summons a giant demonic figure with the apparent use of interrogation. It is capable of discerning whether an individual is lying or not. When implemented on a target, a serpent-like apparition emerges from their mouth and it is consumed by the figure. If they are lying (or refuse to answer the question), their life force energy is taken and they die. If the target is telling the truth, they don't die, though they're left extremely exhausted. When the Naraka path uses this technique, the figure possesses the Rinnegan eyes similar to how the Animal path's summons all possess the Rinnegan. The King of Hell can only be seen by the ones it's being used upon.

As a secondary ability, the King of Hell can re-infuse new life force energy to the dead body it eats. When it consumed the remains of the Asura path, the Path emerged from the figure fully restored and is even wearing new Akatsuki robe (the body had discarded its previous robe). Once Naraka path uses this technique, he needs time to recharge and possibly cannot use King of Hell at all. While the King of Hell is being used for revival purposes, it seems that others are able to see it, unlike when it is being used for interrogation purpose. However, it was Naruto in Sage Mode that was able to see it, so it is possible that normal people cannot, even for revival.

The King of Hell can be summoned when the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique is used, where Nagato can release the souls of people who were recently killed

Name: Earth Style: Rock Prison Technique (Doton: Iwarou no Jutsu)
Rank: A-rank all ranges
Description: This jutsu makes use of all rocks and stones around the area, to surround the person or creature or thing the user wants to inprison. This jutsu is a high-classed jutsu because it may squeeze the opponent you have inprisoned, killing them. This jutsu was used by the Second to squeeze the Second Kagetsukage.

Name: Earth Clone Technique
Type: C-rank, Supplementary
This technique creates a clone made of mud of the user. Since its made of mud, it can continue to reform and mold itself back to its original shape.

Name: Six Paths
Type: Kekkei Genkai
The Six Paths of Pain was a jutsu used by Nagato, and served as his representation in Akatsuki. It allowed Nagato to control six separate bodies as though they were his own. Each of these bodies were reanimated corpses that were both kept mobile by, and made use of Nagato's chakra. While controlling them, Nagato used the alias "Pain", yet still regarded them as separate from himself.[1] All the six paths were eventually destroyed by Naruto Uzumaki during the invasion of Pain.
1.Deva Path
2.Animal Path
3.Preta Path
4.Human Path
5.Asura Path
6.Naraka Path

Name: Wind Release: Crystal Sphere
Type: A-rank, Short range (0-5m)
Ryun created this jutsu to mimic the one used by Naruto Uzumaki. It is an original jutsu by Ryun, expanding on the original concept for the Crystal Sphere, emphasizing the combination of the highest forms of shape manipulation and element manipulation. However, this was proven to be the most difficult thing to do. Ryun himself even mentioned that adding one's chakra element with the Crystal Sphere takes an incredible amount of skill, or rather natural talent or sense. Ryun mixed his wind element with the Crystal during his training, maintaining its original stability and increasing its power, far beyond that of his ordinary Crystal Sphere and even slightly more powerful than his Giant Crystal Sphere. An example of the power that element manipulation adds to the Crystal Sphere is shown when it is tested against Seireitou's Rasengan. The fact that it was only partially completed and still able to easily overpower Seireitou's Rasengan and damage his hand demonstrates just how far the Crystal Sphere has been pushed when combined with element chakra.

The concept of a completed Wind Release: Crystal Sphere would be the rotation and power of the Crystal Sphere, and Ryun's wind-natured chakra condensed into a stable sphere.

Name: Soul Sphere jutsu
Rank: S
Type: Kinjutsu all ranges offensives
Description: The Soul Sphere Technique is an ancient jutsu that was thought only able to be used by the "Sage of the Six Paths". Naruto Uzumaki found out about this jutsu from Tsunade, who had been researching it. Naruto used this jutsu against Pain and almost killed himself in the process. The Soul Sphere Technique requires the utmost chakra control due to the user having to draw fragments of his chakra and soul out of their body. Once extracted the user condenses the chakra and soul fragments into a sphere. Depending on how much chakra and soul fragments are concentrated will determine the destructive power of the jutsu. The jutsu rests on the closed fist of the user so that it may be used in a more accurate hit. This jutsu qualifies as Kinjutsu due to how the sphere is formed and should only be used as a last resort.

Name: Banshō Ten'in (万象天引)
Type: Kekkei genkai, Supplementary
User: Pain (Deva path)
Debut (Manga) Chapter 434
Banshō Ten'in is a technique similar to Shinra Tensei in that it manipulates gravity at the users will, however instead of pushing objects away, it draws them close. It is unknown if it can be used in a similar scale as Shinra Tensei or if it has the same five second limit.

Name: Chibaku Tensei
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Long range (10m+)
Users: Deva path, Sage of the Six Paths
Using Deva path, Nagato creates a dark black sphere of gravity that is thrown into the sky. The surrounding earth, including forests and mountains, is collected into a single point, piling on top of one another until it creates a large sphere. A large crater is left where the earth was collected from. Pain notes that the Sage of the Six Paths had mastered this technique to an extent that he created the moon itself, and that his version paled in comparison to it. Despite its admitted inferiority, it was still strong enough to both hold out against Naruto's Six-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball and incapacitate Naruto and trap him in his six-tailed transformation. Although, it failed to contain Naruto when he slipped into his eight-tailed transformation. The Deva path must be brought within close range of Nagato before it can use the technique, and performing it puts a great strain on Nagato

Name: Demon Crystal Sphere
Type: S-rank, Short range (0-5m)
The Demon Fox Crystal Sphere Technique is used by Ryun Uchiha when he is under the influence of the Ten Tailed Fox. This is the Crystal Sphere's most powerful form. To use it you have to have complete mastery over Shape Manipulation, Elemental Composition, and the Ten Tails Chakra. It is a very difficult to learn jutsu, as only one has mastered it. It, like Rasengan, does not use hand signs. The user spins Demon fox chakra into a shell, then fills the shell with pure chakra and spiritual energy and spins them in the opposite direction.

The technique virtually shreds the opponent to pieces, and can destroy a persons soul.

Name: Shinra Tensei (神羅天征)
Type: Kekkei Genkai, Supplementary
Users: Nagato (Pain (Deva path))
Debut (Manga) Chapter 420
Shinra Tensei is the ability to manipulate gravity to repulse matter away from the user, with such force that it can easily shatter stone. By using this technique as a defensive measure, most, if not all, attacks directed to the user will be deflected, no matter the size or mass. The only downside to this technique is that there is a short period when it is unusable after being used, though only for roughly five seconds. If one is sufficiently rooted to the ground, the repulsive forces can be resisted.

Shinra Tensei can also be used on a large scale for massive destruction. Before it can be used, Nagato must break his connection with all but the Deva path (presumably to channel all available chakra through it). A massive gravity well is created above the target, crushing everything beneath in a titanic explosion. Using it on this scale shorten Nagato's lifespan and leaves him unable to use the Deva path for several minutes.
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Hanzo Hattori
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